Directors Message

Our family is proud of the many accomplishments of the Bhandari Automobiles since its founding in 1973, and we are especially proud of the people who make it a successful organization and a great place to work. To current employees, your dedication and acceptance of responsibilities have enabled Bhandari Automobiles to continue to build on its fine record as a service oriented and customer-driven establishment that continually provides the best value to our customers. To those who are new to Bhandari, we extend a warm Welcome! Whatever your department or your job description may be, your performance will contribute to the overall success of Bhandari Automobiles.

In today’s dynamic corporate world, where change is a quintessential element not for growth but survival, policies & processes also need to go through a fundamental shift.

At BHANDARI AUTOMOBILES, we believe that our employees are the core strengths to meet the ever growing complexities of our business and that each employee matters in our journey towards achieving the moving target of Excellence.
A well-documented people policies & processes bring tremendous amount of transparency and credibility to people management approaches of the organization leading to higher level of employee satisfaction. This People Policies & Processes manual is an effort towards the same. The policy manual, a property of the organization, is to be maintained as an important document and passed on to the successor as and when the present incumbent hands over thecharge. This Manual supersedes and replaces in all respects all previous human resources or personnel policies and procedures manuals issued by the Organization and will be effective from January 01, 2016.

Our business is comprised of Sales and Service. Without good Sales, we haven’t the need for Service. Without good Service, our Sales would soon falter. As such, the driving force of our business plan – that which factors into everything we do – must always be to have and maintain the most satisfied and loyal customers. We are committed to professional, productive and satisfied employees whose actions are customer-driven with customer satisfaction as the #1 priority.

We believe your employment with Bhandari Automobiles will be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.

Sanjay Bhandari